Capacitive and Inductive Transformers

Synthesize a transformer using uncoupled reactances (C1, C2, or L1, L2) with a transformation ratio n. The transformer transforms R into Rp.

n = 0
C1 = 0
C2 = 0

Fill out the fields, you can use SI suffixes in your numbers e.g. 10k would be 10 kilo. Capitalization matters, as 1m would be 1 milli and 1M would be 1 mega. Finally, press the "Synthesize" button to get the result.

The transformers are shown below. Here the resistor R is transformed into Rp.

Capacitive and Inductive Transformers
Uptransformation of resistor through uncoupled capacitances or inductances. The expressions assume R >> 1/ωC2 and R >> ωL2 respectively.

The calculator uses formulas given above, which are based on series to parallel conversions assuming that R >> 1/ωC2 and R >> ωL2.