Series to Parallel Conversion

Convert a series connected impedance and reactance into a parallel circuit or vice versa.

Exact Approximate
R = Ω
X = Ω

Please note that approximations are valid if Rs2 << |Xs|2 or Rp2 >> |Xp|2 .

Fill out the fields, you can use SI suffixes in your numbers e.g. 10k would be 10 kilo. Capitalization matters, as 1m would be 1 milli and 1M would be 1 mega. Finally, press the "Convert" button to get the answer.


In some cases it is convenient to deal with series circuits, in some other - with parallel. Series-to-Parallel Conversion allows to transform one circuit into another one keeping the total impedance of the circuit constant.

Series to parallel conversion
Series to parallel conversion.

The circuits are interchangeable if

Remember, that the approximations are valid only if Rs2 << |Xs|2 or Rp2 >> |Xp|2 .