Bandwidth of Angle Modulated Signals

Estimate bandwidth, B99% , for FM or PM signal required to transmit 99% of the power using Carson's rule.

Fill out the fields, you can use SI suffixes in your numbers e.g. 10k would be 10 kilo. Capitalization matters, as 1m would be 1 milli and 1M would be 1 mega. Finally, press the "FM Bandwidth" or "PM Bandwidth" button to get the answer.

FM Bandwidth99%=
PM Bandwidth99%=

Calculations are based on the following formulas:

  • FM: B99% = 2(ΔfmaxAx+fx),
  • PM: B99% = 2fx(β Ax+1).

Remember the relationship between the angular and ordinary frequency: W99% [rad/s] = 2π[rad] · B99% [Hz].